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Fresh Fruit Exporter Title : Buy and Sell Fresh Papaya

fresh fruit exporter

Buying and selling fresh papaya in the agribusiness market has become a basic trading necessity now. The supply and demand of fresh papaya are high and frequently ordered. Fruit trading without fresh papaya is incomplete. You could be a market trader by selling fresh papaya from us. “Shopping your favorite fruits in AgroBuah by click on our WhatsApp link button”. As a fresh fruit exporter, we provides fresh fruits such as : watermelon, papaya, soursop, mango, banana, fresh salacca, crystal guava (red & white) and another fresh fruits. As a fresh papaya supplier, we provide buyer a high quality of fresh papaya. Stores or supermarkets and traditional markets that trades fresh papaya can shop at our place. You will get tremendous profit if you were shopping in our place, AgroBuah, because we sell and supply high quality fresh fruits with competitive wholesale prices.

We sell a high quality fresh papaya in competitive wholesale prices. AgroBuah is a fresh fruit exporter and horticulture business specialist.

We buy and sell fresh papaya and also export other tropical fresh fruit products. We have papaya farm and manage it professionally. And we build the relationships with farmers as partners, as well as we maintain relationships with suppliers and fruit shoppers as business partners to meet consumer demand for fresh papaya. The price of fresh papaya that we provide is certainly cheap because we supply directly from the farmers as producers. AgroBuah has high quality standard SOP. The fruits we sell is the best choice and worthy to be sold in domestic and international market. Are you interested in being a partner, as a producer or as a fresh papaya supplier of AgroBuah? Please click on our WhatsApp link button for further information.

buy and sell fresh papaya
buy and sell fresh papaya for domestic and international companies. We have built horticulture agricultural products of fresh fruit varieties of java papaya ( The size of this type from 1 kilogram to 1.9 kilograms).

Fresh papaya seller from Indonesia.

Get it from AgroBuah, the Indonesia fresh fruit exporter that provides such as watermelon, mango and other fruits. Trade offering for “Fresh fruit exporters: buy and sell fresh papaya” deals only for fresh papaya. Another fresh fruit dealing are on the next ( We invite you to buy and sell fresh papaya from us, AgroBuah. Are you looking for fresh papaya supplier, domestic and international for trade purposes? AgroBuah is the answer, we will serve you the best. We, fresh papaya seller from Indonesia.

Your company want to, buy and sell fresh papaya in the best quality from indonesia, we are fresh fruit exporter.

Is your company looking for a fresh papaya supplier from Indonesia? Do you want to import fresh papaya in bulk? Let’s build business relationship with AgroBuah, a high quality fresh fruit exporter.
We export fresh papaya for several size classifications. The best quality of fresh fruit. We provide 0.9kg to 2.3kg of sizes with several packing groups. The rest of fresh fruits export stock would be traded in traditional markets. Usually purchased by traders for rujak, a mix of fruit soup, ready-to-eat peeled pieces with beam pieces and also for processed industries. Our packaging are based on consumer requested.

fresh papaya supplier
Supplier of fresh papaya from java company. Engaged in horticulture. Offers trade for domestic and international needs. Shipping by land, sea and air port (The size of this type from 1 kilogram to 2.3 kilograms ).
As a fresh papaya supplier. here are the specification of delivery order :
    • Minimum Order : 1,000 kilograms
    • Packing premium : 0.9> 1.2 and 1.3.> 1.6 and 1.7> 2.0
    • Supply Capability : 150,000 kilograms per month
    • Brand name : AgroBuah
    • Shipping by Land and Sea : Transportation : If you were using reefer container, it will takes 7 to 10 days of shelf life capability and if you were using technology, it will be hold for a few days.
  • Air Freight : via Adisucipto Airport and Juanda International Airport
    Delivery by Port : via Tanjung Mas Semarang and port in Java.

More information about our trade offer, please contact us at the contact number we have provided. Advice from us, visit first place of production of plantation that have been prepared for you. In our place there are many other horticultural products to be discussed further for what trade offer can be sold in your destination country.

Motto / Principle of work.

“Cooperation of mutual benefit, so that the achievement of harmonious working relationship”.”Establish continuous mutually beneficial working relationships, resulting in a harmonious working relationship, increased revenue and advanced success together from upstream to downstream”.

As a fresh papaya exporter in Indonesia.

AgroBuah has been licensed as the best exporter for buy and sell fresh fruit specialist, agricultural products of Indonesia.
We, as fresh papaya supplier provides the best quality of fresh papaya. If you need fresh fruits and you contact us, you are connected with the right fruit specialist. Are you interested to shop fresh fruit from us? Do you want to buy horticultural products from Indonesia? Please contact us via WhatsApp, click the direct link here : +62 878-3816-5679

More information about our trademark, please contact us at the contact number we have provided. Silahkan menuju halaman kontak dan alamat email kami. Please go to our contact page or send via email

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